Professional boat buyers assistance & sale handling services

Our long-established reputation and highly regarded team of experienced brokers mean we are regularly asked to help customers even when we do not have the right boat available ourselves. As a result, we have developed Professional Boat Buyers Assistance services to offer all customers the protection and assistance of using an experienced FCA registered ABYA brokerage. These services are available for new and used, private sales or buying from another broker or dealer. We also offer services for handling private sales on behalf of vendors which are proving very popular. You can find details of these services below or contact us today to see how we can help you!


Professional Boat Buyers Assistance

With so many different manufacturers, models and options available finding the right boat for your needs can be a daunting proposition. Whether you are looking to buy new or secondhand we can help you to consider all possibilities, make sure Title is correct to avoid future problems, choose the right options and secure the best deal! See below for some of the reasons our customers keep asking for this service:

  • Independent advice on different makes and models of boat
  • We ask the right questions before costs are incurred to avoid expensive issues later on
  • Title check for potential ownership, VAT, CE/RCD or other issues
  • Expert negotiation securing the best deal for you
  • Assistance with arranging surveys, technical inspections and understanding findings
  • FCA registered ABYA approved brokerage providing secure fund handling and transfer
  • Further advice and assistance with arranging transport, repairs, upgrades and personal equipment

Our brokers are also very experienced negotiators with years of industry knowledge and contacts available. We offer agreed fixed rate costs payable upon successful completion of your purchase. Often these will be covered by the manufacturer or seller’s agent and it is very common that we manage to negotiate deals that save many times our fees whilst also offering a level of independent advice, assistance and protection that a sales agent cannot.


Free Boatmatch Service

In addition to our Professional Boat Buyers Assistance service we also offer Boatmatch. This is a free service to ensure you get to hear of new listings that may suit your requirements. It allows us to send you alerts when new boat listings come on that might be right for you. Please click the link below to sign up:



Private Sale Handling

Over the last few years we have received an increasing number of requests from people who are buying privately but want the protection and assistance of using an experienced brokerage. Listed below are some of the many reasons why this might be desirable:

  • Professionally drafted ABYA contracts to help avoid future issues or complications
  • Access to an FCA approved brokerage’s banking facility for safe, secure handling of funds
  • Title check service with assistance resolving historic issues including VAT and CE/RCD
  • Advice and assistance to both parties when arranging surveys and discussing the results
  • Confidence for buyers that their money will be safe and secure throughout the process
  • Ability to negotiate a better price with increased buyer confidence (many are now wary of private sales)
  • Transfer of title including assistance with opening, closing and transferring registration

There has been a huge increase in sophisticated scams and fake websites recently in the marine industry. It is more important than ever before to ensure you are dealing with the right person and your boat and funds are protected. As FCA registered ABYA brokers we have access to many resources smaller companies and private individuals do not. With buyers more wary than ever many buyers will only progress with a purchase by going on trust without a deposit which leaves them open to expense and disappointment. We secure your sale with contracts to protect both buyers and sellers. Vendors are often prepared to split the costs of our services as it benefits them too. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to get a quote tailored for you.