ABYA VAT Customs Warehousing Scheme – sell your ex VAT boat in the UK!

customs warehousing scheme

customs warehousing schemeDo you have a boat that is not yet VAT paid that you wish to sell in the UK? As one of the few brokers authorised for the Customs Warehousing Scheme by ABYA/HMRC we can help!

ABYA has now created a scheme with HM Revenue & Customs so that boats may be offered for sale within the UK without paying the VAT up-front. The Customs Warehousing Scheme allows vessels from outside the EU or from the Channel Islands, which are not VAT paid (or EU equivalent), to be offered for sale in the UK in compliance with the laws of England and Wales. Your boat is imported in the usual way, using a shipping agent, and Customs forms completed with necessary details. Once accepted by Customs it can be offered for sale ashore at Levington in our “Customs Warehouse” and the VAT is settled on completion.


Who does this help and why?

Often it is far easier to sell your boat and for a higher value if located in the UK. Until this scheme it has not been possible without paying VAT upon import. If your boat isn’t VAT paid it cannot be offered for sale in the UK unless lying outside the UK.

When the boat is sold, if it stays in the EU, the VAT becomes payable on the sale price. If it is sold and goes back out of the EU, the VAT is not payable. This allows you to take advantage of the strong UK market and location, whilst still offering your boat at an ex VAT price. There are strict procedures and rules to conform to that Clarke & Carter will undertake on your behalf to ensure that the sale of your vessel is conducted entirely legally. As a result of this, ABYA charge a fee per boat and there will be customs agents fees. To be admitted into the scheme a boat must have a minimum marketing value of £80,000.

  • Sell your boat in the UK before paying VAT due
  • Offer at an ex VAT price for buyers outside of Europe
  • Allows VAT to be paid from the proceeds of the sale
  • Return to the UK for easy maintenance whilst selling
  • Customs Warehousing Scheme approved by ABYA and HM Revenue & Customs

The scheme is not available for re-fits or other major work. Maintenance and remedial work like an osmosis treatment can be done. Your boat will be on display for standard viewings, may be taken to boat shows and for sea trials.

Contact Stephen Carter for further details by emailing suffolk@clarkeandcarter.co.uk or phone on +44 (0)1473 659681