Winter Maintenance Tips

The following list of points is just intended to be a handy guide to some of the more common things to do as part of your winter maintenance. It should not be considered an exhaustive list, especially as different construction types and boats will have their own specific needs!

Calorifier Tank Drain the hot and cold water system, leave all taps open to allow any water left to expand and remove plastic fittings such as transom shower heads and in-line water filters.
Jerry-Can Fill the fuel tanks where possible to avoid moisture issues and consider using a fuel stabilising treatment especially in petrol tanks.
Antifreeze Flush the salt water from the engine cooling system by running through with a fresh water and antifreeze mix.
Impeller Remove your engine water pump impeller (best put in a warm place), block the exhaust and large air intakes.
Outboard Engine Outboards and outdrive legs should be thoroughly washed down and appropriately lubricated to avoid corrosion.
Battery Box Consider removing your batteries and placing on trickle charge in a warmer environment to prolong life.
Open Cupboards and Drawers Improve ventilation throughout the boat by leaving lockers and doors open, cushions up or even taken home.
Dehumidifier Put moisture traps, safe heating such as greenhouse heater tubes and possibly a dehumidifier onboard.
Jabsco Toilet Drain marine toilets and flush through.
Seacock Dry bilges and lubricate all seacocks.
Sails in Sail Bags Remove all sails and have valeted or store in a safe, dry place (preferably not onboard).
Sprayhood Remove sprayhood, dodgers, cockpit covers and fit winter cover or tonneau cover to protect vulnerable areas.
Running Rigging Remove running rigging where possible. Take lines back to mast and protect in bag.