Insurance & Finance

Here at Clarke and Carter we can help with all aspects of boat ownership, including boat insurance and marine finance


Insurance – we are approved introducers to the following boat insurance providers:

GJW boat insurance

GJW Direct is the UK’s largest direct provider of boat insurance and offer one of the most comprehensive policies on the market. They offer competitive premiums, specialise in boat insurance only and have dedicated policies for every class of vessel. GJW Direct is part of Munich Re, one of the world’s largest insurance groups and have been associated with boat insurance for nearly 200 years. To get a discounted quote for your boat insurance call us, pick up an enquiry card from any of our UK offices or click on the GJW Direct logo.

Yachtline boat insurance

Yachtline have been providing worldwide boat insurance services to customers since 1990. Their aim is to provide the best cover and excellent customer service at competitive prices. To get a discounted quote for your boat insurance call us or pick up an enquiry card from any of our UK offices.


Finance – we work closely with a number of finance houses to help you get the best deal for your needs

Customers choose finance for various reasons and marine finance can be an attractive alternative to purchasing outright. For those thinking about buying a boat using finance the number of providers of marine mortgages or hire purchase agreements we work closely with two of the main marine finance houses, SGB Finance and Promarine Finance.

There are various finance options available including marine mortgages, hire purchase and unsecured loans. Marine mortgages are often more flexible than personal loans or hire purchase. Policies can allow over payments and other tailored repayment options including fixed rates, fixed monthly, interest only or balloon payments. Like buying a property, personalisation and flexibility are paramount when financing a boat!

As well as reducing initial capital outlay, finance can help buyers budget with fixed monthly payment options. It could let you buy a dearer boat that may cost less to run long-term than a cash purchase allowed. You can also use the funds that would have been used to purchase a boat outright can be used elsewhere. It may well be cheaper to finance than pay tax on dividends or investment exit fees.

Repayment options and deposits vary depending upon the product selected, boat and personal situation or preferences. If you require further information on how to fund the purchase of your new or secondhand boat then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

If you would like an instant finance quote please click on the image links below:

SBG Finance


Clarke & Carter Interyacht Ltd. act only as an introducer and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.