VSR was founded in 2003 and builds approximately 100 boats per annum in their Slovenian factory. VSR RIBs have earnt their reputation in the harshest and most demanding conditions and are recognised as modern classics by numerous professional sailing coaches, regatta organisers and National and International sailing federations.  More than 60 countries use these boats for coaching their national Olympic teams including being the official RYA coaching boat.

The boats are continually developed implementing advanced technologies and the designs are being constantly reviewed and tested by leading industry professionals. This continual development has secured their outstanding ride comfort and sea going capabilities. The centre of pitching is around the helm/coach seating – this minimises movement and reduces crew fatigue.

The slender hull design has a high bow profile and low wetted surface area. These provide a dry ride and great planing performance. It is especially safe at sea and is specifically stable when stationed in rough seas to enable safe coaching or rescue work. Category C with six persons on board, but outperforms this.