BREXIT & BOATING INFO – understanding what it means to you!

BREXIT & BOATING INFO – Now that the UK has left the EU we have a clearer picture of how this will affect boating for both UK and EU citizens. We are already helping a number of customers to both buy and sell under these new conditions. If you would like us to help you, including advice on which market might be the best for your boat now or in the future, assistance with getting your boat back to the UK to sell, or how you may be able to buy a boat ex VAT and cruise Europe, contact us today!

We have also created a simple to follow Boating after Brexit guide, full of useful BREXIT & boating info to help people get an initial idea of their boating situation, including VAT status*, might be.



Further detailed information can be found on GOV.UK and the RYA website at the following links, we recommend that if you have any concerns or queries advice is sought by contacting HMRC, the RYA, or seeking independent professional advice: – Notice 8: Sailing your pleasure craft to and from the UK – Visit Europe from 1st January 2021
RYA – BREXIT – what happens next?
RYA – Lobbying your MP


Still confused? Need recommendations for a transport company or delivery skipper? Ready to buy, or sell? Need more BREXIT & boating info? Contact us and we will be happy to help further!

Boating after BREXIT advice request

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